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Part Time Teacher

Ennis, MT

Job Type

Full Time

About the Role

Job Purpose: To aide the director to ensure the safety and well-being of the children at ECCS by fulfilling our mission and coordinating daily operations.

Job Requirements:
Must be at least 18 years of age.
Must hold a degree in Education or a related field, have obtained Level 2 of ECP or higher, have 2 years experience in a state licensed facility plus 32 hours of ECP approved training.
Must pass criminal background check.
Must be current on required immunizations .
Must hold First Aid and CPR Certification (within 30 days).
Current on the Practitioners Registry (within 30 days).
Complete orientation courses (within 90 days)
Must have sufficient language skills to communicate with children and adults.

Primary Responsibilities:
Learn and implement the rules and regulations that govern employee conduct as described in the ECCS Employee Handbook and Parent Handbook.
Greet and acknowledge children and their families upon arrival at ECCS.
Help to develop a monthly theme with corresponding activities, lessons, field trips and events and communicate to parents and the community via Monthly activity calendars.
Implement appropriate educational activities based on Early Montana Learning Standards and share knowledge about discipline and developmental norms with all ECCS staff.
Create a loving and friendly environment by modeling and utilizing positive reinforcement, positive language, caring actions and a flexible mentality with children on a daily basis.
Oversee and handle issues at the school involving communication with parents about a child’s day including incident reports and disciplinary action.

Auxiliary Responsibilities:
Complete initial trainings for ECP and STAR Levels 1-2 by dates agreed upon via Training Plan, as well as maintaining required training credits annually to stay in compliance with both.
Assist Director in informing parents about changes/upcoming events/helpful knowledge (to be emailed via tadpoles and/or printed and distributed as well as hung in the front area of ECCS) as needed.
Assist the Director to edit Snack Menus quarterly based on nutritional factors, general child preference and seasonal availability.
Assist in executing daily cleaning list as requested.
Change interior and/or exterior activities, toys and materials monthly based on curriculum theme.
Participate in fundraising activities for ECCS.

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